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Our Vision of the Mission Work

Acts 20: 35“…It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

Our church believes in missionary work and has a vision of mission in order to help get this precious message to the last member of the bride of Jesus Christ.

We strongly believe that as of today, they are still thousands of souls around the world who never had the opportunity to realize that God had sent a prophet in this age with a message to prepare the bride for the rapture. In addition, many people around the world, especially in remote areas of certain countries who have already received this precious message face many problems and difficulties.

These issues and difficulties are either financially, physically or logistically and do affect daily their spiritual life. We also do believe that these brothers and sisters deserve help. Not only spiritual help with prayers, books, and tapes but financial and logistical assistance from all of us.

Therefore, we cannot remain indifferent and let others do all the missionary works themselves. Many believers even think that you should have a lot of resources in order to do missionary work but we humbly don’t see it that way.

Our vision is that every penny counts and every church, every Christian regardless of the size of their congregation and resources should have the burden for lost souls.

We do encourage each member of our congregation to invest in the missionary fund. We do have a special missionary fund to give each one them the opportunity to do so.

We are making sure that every penny given toward mission work is solely used for that purpose. Anyone who is led to join our little missionary efforts can contribute as well. This can be done by contacting us either by telephone, written correspondence or e-mails for instructions on how to direct the contribution.



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