The Twentieth Century Prophet

Fullfilling Malachi 4

In the Bible, God always brought His Message to the people of the world through the prophet of the age. He spoke to Moses through a burning bush and gave him the commission to lead the Hebrews out of Egypt. The visible Pillar of Fire and other signs were given to vindicate his ministry. John the Baptist brought a Message preparing the world for the coming Messiah. While baptizing the Lord Jesus in the Jordan River, a Voice from Heaven confirmed John’s Ministry, “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.” Years later, the Lord’s Voice was again heard speaking to a prophet when He spoke to Paul through a blinding Light, and later gave him the commission to set the churches in order. Throughout the New and Old Testaments, God has never spoken to His people through a denominational system. He has always spoken to the people through one man: His prophet. And He vindicated these prophets through supernatural signs.


But what about today? Does God still reveal His Word to the prophets? Are there still supernatural signs? Would God send a modern-day prophet into the world? The answer is a most definite, “Yes.”

But how will we know when a prophet arises? What will he look like? How will he act? What sign will he give us? What Scriptures will he fulfill?

The prophets of old were gallant men of God, and were not afraid to stand against the religious organizations of their day. In fact, they were almost always reviled by the clergy. Elijah challenged the religious organizations of his day, asking them if God would respect their offering or his. They shouted. They prophesied. They jumped on top of the altar. They cut themselves with knives. But God did not hear them. Elijah looked up to Heaven and said, “let it be known this day that thou art God in Israel, and that I am thy servant, and that I have done all these things at thy word.” He then called fire down from Heaven to consume the offering. Micaiah the prophet withstood the King of Israel and the entire priesthood when he rebuked the High Priest Zedekiah for prophesying a lie. The High Priest struck him in the face and the King imprisoned him for speaking the truth. Even the Lord Jesus was so hated by the religious organizations of His day that they crucified Him alongside the vilest of criminals.

If there was a prophet in this modern day, how would he be accepted by the Catholic Church? The Baptist Church? The Lutheran Church? Any denomination?

The Lord Jesus commissioned all that believe Him: “And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.” (Mark 16:17-18). Is this Scripture true today? If it is not true, when did the Words of the Lord expire? Throughout the Bible, the prophets are able to heal the sick, cast out devils, and perform miracles. Moses set the brass serpent before the people of Israel to heal them from the bite of venomous snakes (Numbers 21:9). Namaan, one of the most powerful men in Syria, came to Elisha to be healed of leprosy (II Kings 5:9). When the young man fell to his death from the upper window, the prophet Paul embraced him and brought life back into the dead body (Acts 20:10). We only have record of about three years of our Lord Jesus’ life. During these few years, he continually healed the sick. The blind were made to see. Lepers were healed. The deaf received their hearing. The lame walked. Every manner of disease was healed (Matt 4:23).

The prophets of old were gallant men of God, and were not afraid to stand against the religious organizations of their day.

Even the most guarded secrets of the heart were made known to these men of God. King Nebuchadnezzar had a troubling dream, but he could not remember what it was about. The prophet Daniel told the King both the dream and the prophesy that followed (Dan 2:28). Nothing was hid from Solomon when the Queen of Sheba came before him. He was so filled with the Spirit that he told her the questions of her heart before she asked them (I Kings 10:3). Elisha told the King of Israel all the plans of the King of Syria, even to his words spoken in is bedroom (II Kings 6:12).

Through His own actions, the Lord Jesus showed that this Spirit of discernment is the Spirit of Christ. He discerned Nathanael’s nature when He said, “Behold an Israelite indeed, in whom is no guile!” And he went on to tell Nathanael where he was when Phillip told him about the Messiah (John 1:49). When he saw that Jesus knew his heart, Nathanael immediately recognized Him as the Christ. The first time Jesus saw Peter, he told him the name of his father, Jona (John 1:42). Peter then forsook all and followed Jesus for the rest of his life. Jesus met the Samaritan woman at the well and told her of her past sins. Her first words were, “Sir, I perceive that thou art a prophet” (John 4:18). All three of these people were from different walks of life, yet they immediately recognized Jesus when He showed the gift of discernment. Did this gift disappear when the last page of the Bible was written? If these miracles are so plainly written in the Bible, where are they today? A modern-day prophet would surely be vindicated by miracles.

Has God forgotten His people? Is He still able to heal the sick? Does He still speak to us through his prophets? Did any of the prophets foresee this day? Are there prophesies that have yet to be fulfilled?


The Lord told us in the book of Malachi, “Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD.”

The great and dreadful day of the Lord has yet to come, so we should sincerely look for this prophet. If the Bible is true, then this prophet will not come to the mainstream religious organizations. He will come to a select, predestinated few. Imagine if this prophet came, and he was missed. What if he is like the prophets of old, and only a handful of people recognize him? If this prophet is to return in the last day, how will we know him? The answer is plainly seen in the Scriptures. He will have the nature of a prophet. He will know the secrets of the heart. He will perform miracles. The main-stream religious organizations will attempt to discredit him. But there will be a chosen few that recognize him as the promised messenger for the day.

How will we know when Elijah returns? What characteristics will he display, so we can recognize him?

Elijah was a man of the wilderness. Great signs and wonders followed his ministry. He preached against the evils of his day. He especially preached against the immorality of Queen Jezebel. When Elijah was taken up to Heaven in a chariot of fire, his spirit fell upon Elisha. His ministry was then marked by great signs and wonders, and Elisha also preached against the sins of the world. Both prophets stood alone against the religious organizations of that day (I Kings 18:21). Hundreds of years later, the same spirit returned to the earth in John the Baptist. The prophet Malachi predicted that Elijah would return to introduce the Lord: Behold, I will send my messenger, and he shall prepare the way before me… (Malachi 3:1). John the Baptist was true to form as he called for repentance among the children of God. Like Elijah, he preached against the king and the modern religious organizations. The Lord Jesus confirmed that John the Baptist was the prophet of Malachi 3 in the book of Matthew: “For this is he, of whom it is written, Behold, I send my messenger before thy face, which shall prepare thy way before thee.” Matt 11:10

Two thousand years after John the Baptist, it is again time for the spirit of Elijah to return to earth.

That day has come. In this age, we have seen the spirit of Elijah return to earth. He defied the modern denominational system. He stood against the sins of the world. He showed innumerable signs and wonders. He preached the Bible word-for-word from Genesis to Revelation. And by reading this article, you are responsible for knowing that God sent a prophet. The prophet of Malachi 4 has been among us, and he brought a Message from the Throne of the Almighty God. That prophet’s name is William Marrion Branham.

Not since the Lord Jesus Christ walked the earth has a man affected the world in such a profound way. From a humble beginning in a one-room cabin in the hills of Kentucky, to Amarillo Texas where the Lord took him home, his life was continuously marked by supernatural events. At the direction of the Angel of the Lord in 1946, Brother Branham’s Ministry produced a spark that ignited a period of great healing revivals that swept across America and around the world. To this day, he is acknowledged by Christian historians as the “father” and “pacesetter” of the 1950s healing revival that transformed the Pentecostal Church and ultimately gave rise to the Charismatic movement, which today influences nearly every Protestant denomination. However, true to form, the denominations discount his teachings and deny his commission.

Wherever he went, God proved that Brother Branham is the prophet to this generation. Like Job, the Lord talked to him in a whirlwind. Like Moses, the Pillar of Fire was seen leading him. Like Micaiah, he was reviled by the clergy. Like Elijah, he was a man of the wilderness. Like Jeremiah, he was commissioned by an Angel. Like Daniel, he saw visions of the future. Like the Lord Jesus, he knew the secrets of the heart. And like Paul, he healed the sick.

The Lord has again visited His people through a prophet. In the darkest time in history, where morality has sunk to depths never before seen and weapons of mass destruction loom on the horizon, a humble man was sent from the presence of God to call a dying race to repentance. His legacy is not simply in books and tapes. His legacy is in the salvation of millions of souls that accepted Christ because of his Gospel.

The beloved disciple John wrote about the Lord Jesus: And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written. Amen. The same can be said about the life of Brother Branham. We have 1183 taped sermons with thousands of stories about the life of this gallant man. Yet we continuously hear new testimonies of his influence on the lives of millions of people. This article could never scratch the surface of the impact this man of God had on the world.


“When I was born in a little Kentucky cabin up there, the Angel of the Lord come in the window and stood there. There was a Pillar of Fire.”

The dawn was just starting to pierce the darkness of the cool April sky. The single wooden window rose open to let the dim morning light into the tiny one-room cabin. A robin standing next to the window seemed to be especially excited this morning and was singing to the top of his lungs. Inside the cabin, a youthful Charles Branham put his hands into his brand-new pair of overalls and looked down at his 15 year-old wife. “We will call his name William,” said the father.

Into the window came a supernatural Light. The Light moved through the room and hovered over the bed where the baby was just born. This Light was the same Light that brought the Hebrew children out of Egypt. It was the same Light that met Paul on his road to Damascus. And It would go on to lead this little baby to call a Bride of Christ out of the world. The Light was none other than the Angel of the Lord, the Pillar of Fire; and It had once again appeared to man.

And in there, in this little log cabin, that morning on April the 6th, when the midwife opened up the window, so the light could shine in to show–let mama see what I looked like, and papa. When they looked in the… In there was Light come whirling through the window about the size of a pillow. And it circled around where I was, and went down on the bed. Several of the mountain people were standing there. They were crying.
The humble home was in the hills of southern Kentucky, near the small town of Burkesville. The date was April 6, 1909. The baby was the first of ten children that would be born to Charles and Ella Branham.

It was not long before the Angel of the Lord would visit young William Branham.

When he was a young child of about two years old, the Angel of the Lord first spoke to him saying that he would live his life near a city called New Albany. He went into the house and told his mother the story. Like any mother, she didn’t think much of the story from her two-year old. Two years later, his family moved to Jeffersonville Indiana, just a few miles from the southern Indiana city of New Albany.

The Angel again spoke to the young prophet a few years later. It was a quiet September day with the warm sun shining through the colorful fall leaves. The young lad was limping as he carried two buckets of water down the trail. A corncob was tied under his stubbed toe to keep the dirt off. He sat down to rest in the shade of a tall poplar tree. The tears were streaming from his eyes as he cried about his misfortune. His friends were enjoying themselves at the local fishing hole, and he was stuck packing water for his dad. Suddenly, a wind began to swirl in the tree above him. He wiped his eyes and stood to his feet. He heard the sound of leaves blowing in the wind…but there was no wind. He looked up, and about halfway up the poplar tree, a wind was swirling the dry leaves.

Suddenly a Voice spoke, “Don’t drink or smoke or defile your body in any way, there’ll be a work for you to do when you get older.” The frightened seven year old boy dropped his buckets and ran to his mother. Like the prophet Samuel, God had again spoken to a child.

Brother Branham spoke of these events in the sermon entitled:

My Life Story

A few weeks later, he was playing marbles with his little brother. A sick feeling came over him. He looked out over the Ohio River and saw a beautiful bridge. Sixteen men fell to their death as the bridge crossed the river. The young prophet had seen his first vision. He told his mother, and she wrote his story down. Twenty-two years later, 16 men fell to their death as the Second Street bridge in Louisville Kentucky was being built over the Ohio River. Like the prophets before him, the Lord was showing him visions of the future. And like the prophets before him, the visions never failed.


Throughout his life, Brother Branham longed to be in the wilderness. At the age of 18, he left Indiana for the rugged western mountains. It was not long before he was forced to return. He gave the following account of his decision to travel west in his booklet titled, “Jesus Christ The Same Yesterday, Today, And Forever.”

One day I decided I had found a way to get rid of that calling. I was going out west to work on a ranch. Friend, God is just as great out there as he is any place. May you profit by my experience. When he calls for you, answer him.

One September morning in the year 1927, I told mother I was going on a camping trip to Tunnel Mill, which is about fourteen miles from Jeffersonville where we lived at that time. I had already planned a trip to Arizona with some friends. When mother heard from me again, I wasn’t at Tunnel Mill but in Phoenix., Arizona, running away from the God of Love. The ranch life was very good for a while, but it soon grew old, like any other pleasure of the world. But may I say here, Praise God, that the experience with Jesus grows sweeter and sweeter all the time and never grows old. Jesus gives perfect peace and comfort always.

Many time have I heard the wind blowing through the tall pines. It seemed as though I could hear his voice calling away out in the forest, saying, “Adam, where art thou?” The stars seemed to be so close you could pick them with your hands. God seemed to be so near.

One thing that seems to mean so much to me yet about that country is the roads in the desert. If you ever get off the road, you get lost so easy. So many times tourists see little desert flowers and go off the highway to pick them. They wander off in the desert and are lost and sometimes die of thirst. So it is in the Christian way – God has a highway. He speaks of it in Isaiah, 35th chapter. It is called the “Highway of Holiness.” Many times little pleasures of the world draw you off the highway. Then you have lost your experience with God. In the desert when you are lost, there sometimes appears a mirage. To people who are dying of thirst, the mirage will be a river or a lake. Many times people run after them and fall in them only to find that they are just bathing in hot sand. Sometime the Devil shows you something that he says is a good time. That is just a mirage, it is something that isn’t real. If you listen you will find yourself only heaping sorrows on your head. Don’t heed him, dear reader. Believe Jesus who gives you living water for them that hunger and thirst.

One day I got a letter from home telling me that one of my brothers was very ill.

It was Edward, the one next to me. Of course I thought not serious, so I believed he would be all right. But one evening a few days later when I was coming from the city as I passed through the mess hall at the ranch I saw a paper on the table. I took it up. It read, “Bill, come out to the north pasture. Very important.” After I read the note a friend and I walked out to the pasture. The first person I met was an old Lone Star ranger who worked on the ranch. His name was Durfy, but we called him “Pop.” He had a sad expression on his face as he said, “Billy boy, I have bad news for you.” At that time the foreman came walking up. They told me that a telegram had just arrived telling me of the death of my brother.

Dear friend, for a moment I could not move. It was the first death in our family. But I want to say that the first thing I thought of was if he was prepared to die. As I turned around and looked across the yellow prairie, tears ran down my cheeks. How I remembered how we’d struggled together when we were little lads and how hard it had been for us.

We went to school with hardly enough to eat. The toes were out of our shoes and we would have to wear old coats pinned up at the neck because we had no shirts on. How I remembered also one day Mother had some popcorn in a little bucket for lunch. We did not eat with the rest of the children. We couldn’t afford food like they had. We would always slip over the hill and eat. I remember that the day we had pop corn we thought it was a real treat. So to be sure I got my share of it I went out before noon, took a good handful before brother got his share.

The standing there looking at that sun parched prairie I thought of all those things and wondered if God had taken him to a better place. Then again God called me, but as usual, I tried to fight it off.

I made ready to come home for the funeral. When Rev. McKinny of Port Fulton Church, a man who is just like a father to me, preached his funeral he made mention that “There may be some here who do not know God, if so, expect him now.”

Oh how I grasped my seat, God was dealing again. Dear reader, when he calls, answer him.

I’ll never forget how poor old Dad and Mother cried after the funeral. I wanted to go back West but Mother begged me so hard to stay that I finally agreed to stay if I could find work. I soon got a job with the Public Service Company of Indiana, where I am employed now.

About two years later while testing meters in the meter shop at the Gas Works in New Albany I was overcome with gas and for weeks I suffered from it. I went to all doctors I knew. I could get no relief. I suffered with acid stomach, caused from the effects of gas. It grew worse all the time. I was taken to specialists in Louisville, Ky. They finally said it was my appendix and said I had to have an operation. I could not believe it for I never had a pain in my side. The doctors said they could do no more for me until I had an operation. Finally I agreed to have it done but insisted that they use a local anesthetic so that I could watch the operation.

Oh, I wanted some one to stand by me that knew God. I believed in prayer but could not pray. So the minister from the First Baptist Church went with me to the operating room.

When they took me from the table to my bed I felt myself getting weaker and weaker all the time. My heart was hardly beating. I felt Death upon me. My breath was getting shorter all the time. I knew I had reached the end of my road. Oh friend wait until you get there once then you will think of a lot of things you have done. I knew I had never smoked, drank or had any unclean habits but I knew I was not ready to meet my God.

My friend if you are only a cold formal church member you will know when you reach the end that you are not ready. So if that is all you know about my God, I ask you right here to get down on your knees and ask Jesus to give you that experience of being Born again, like that He told Nicodemus about in John. chapter 3, and oh how the joy bells will ring Praise His Name.

It began to grow darker in the hospital room as though it were in a great woods. I could hear the wind blowing. through the leaves, yet it seemed a great way off in the forest. You have probably heard a puff of wind blowing the leaves, coming closer and closer to you. I thought, “Well, this is death coming to take me.” Oh! my soul was to meet God, I tried to pray but could not.

Closer the wind came, louder and louder. The leaves rattled and all at once I was gone.

It seemed then that I was back again a little barefooted boy, standing in that lane under the same tree. I heard that same voice that said, “Never drink or smoke.” And the leaves I heard were the same that blew in that tree that day.

But this time the voice said, “I called you and you would not go.” It repeated the 3rd time.

Then I said, “Lord, if that is you, let me go back again to earth and I will preach your Gospel from the house tops and street corners. I’ll tell everyone about it!”

When this vision had passed, I found that I had never felt better. My surgeon was still in the building. He came and looked at me and was surprised. He looked as though he thought I would be dead, then he said. “I am not a church going man, my practice is so great, but I know God has visited this boy.” Why he said that I don’t know. No one had said anything about it. If I had known then what I know now, I would have risen from that bed shouting Praise to His Name.

After a few days I was allowed to return home but I was still sick and was forced to wear glasses on my eyes because of astigmatism. My head shook when I looked at anything for a moment.

I started out to seek and find God. I went from church to church trying to find some place where there was an old fashioned altar call. The sad part was I could find none.

I said that if I ever was a Christian, I would really be one. A minister that heard me make the remark said, “Now Billy boy, you are going off in Fanaticism.” I said that if I ever got religion I wanted’ to feel it when it came just as the disciples did.

Oh praise His name. I got religion later on and I still have it and by his help I will keep it always.

One night I became so hungry for God and a real experience that I went out to the old shed back of the house and tried to pray. I did not know how to pray then so I just began to talk to Him like I would anyone else. All at once there came a light in the shed and it formed a cross and the voice from the cross spoke to me in a language I could not understand. It then went away. I was spellbound. When I got to myself again I prayed, “Lord if that is you, please come and talk to me again.” I had been reading my Bible since I had been home from the hospital and I had read in John 4, “Beloved believe not all spirits, but try them if they be of God.”

I knew that a spirit had appeared to me and as I prayed it appeared again. Then it seemed to me that there had been a thousand pounds lifted from my soul. I jumped up and ran to the house and it seemed as though I was running on air.

Mother asked, “Bill, what has happened to you?” I replied, “I do not know but I sure feel good and light.” I could not stay in the house any longer. I had to get out and run.

I knew then that if God wanted me to preach he would heal me so I went to a church that believed in anointing with oil and I was healed instantly. I saw then that the disciple had something that most of the ministers do not have today. The disciples were baptized with the Holy Ghost and so could heal the sick and do mighty miracles in His name. So I began to pray for the baptism of the Holy Ghost and got it.

One day about six months later God gave me the desire of my heart. He spoke to me in a great light telling me to go preach and to pray for the sick and He would heal them regardless of what disease they had. I started preaching and doing what He told me to do. Oh friend, I can’t begin to tell you what all has happened: Blinded eyes opened. The lame walked, cancers have been healed and all kinds of miracles have been done
One day at the foot of Spring Street, Jeffersonville, Indiana, after a two weeks’ revival, I was baptizing 130 people. It was a hot August Day and there were about three thousand people present. I was about to baptize the 17th person when all of a sudden I heard that still, little voice again and it said, “Look up.” The sky was like brass on that hot August day. We had not had any rain for about three weeks. I heard the voice again, and then again the third time it said “Look up.”

In the sermon, “Go Awake Jesus,” preached in 1963, Brother Branham further describes this experience while baptizing on the Ohio River:

I looked up and there came from the sky a big bright star which I had seen many times before but that I had not told you about. Many times I have told people about it appearing and they would only laugh and say, “Bill, you are only imagining that. Or maybe you were dreaming.” But praise God, this time He had showed Himself visible to all, because it came so close to me I could not even speak. After a few seconds had passed I screamed and many people looked up and saw the star just over me. Some fainted while others shouted and others ran away. Then the star returned back into the sky and the place where it had left was about fifteen feet square and this place kept moving and churning about or as though waves were rolling. There had formed in this place a little white cloud and the star was received up in this little cloud…

Like John the Baptist, the prophet was vindicated by a Heavenly Voice in the waters of Baptism.


The following is an excerpt from a sermon Brother Branham preached about this visitation:

How the Angel Came to Me And His Commission

Even though he was part of a denomination, the visions continued. He was told by his clergy colleagues that his visions were not from God. He was told an evil spirit possessed him. This troubled him deeply. The burden became too much to bear, so he went into the wilderness to find the Will of God. He was so committed that he vowed not return without an answer. It was there, in an old trapping cabin, that the Angel of the Lord gave him his commission.

All the doubts were gone. Brother Branham now had a commission and boldly stepped forward. The healing revival had begun.

Hundreds of thousands attended the Branham campaigns. Thousands were healed in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Other evangelists such as Oral Roberts, T.L. Osborne, and A.A. Allen soon followed Brother Branham and started their own healing revivals. The Lord rained down His blessings like never before. The healing hand of Jesus Christ had once again touched His people.


Brother Branham often describes a Pillar Of Fire that vindicated his Ministry. It was present at his birth, was seen by thousands on the bank of the Ohio River, and seemed to follow him everywhere he went. It was in 1950 that the Lord gave both believers and unbelievers alike infallible proof that this Pillar of Fire was with the prophet.

The night was shrouded in controversy at the Sam Houston Coliseum. Brother Branham was leading a healing revival that was sweeping the land. The blessings of the Lord Jesus were pouring out like rain upon the spiritual fields of wheat. But the great signs and wonders did not come without criticism. Like always, the enemy raised up an adversary. The two forces met in Houston Texas, and the Angel of the Lord Himself came down to fight the battle.

Thousands were already present to witness the countless miracles that followed this man of God. A day earlier, a group of local ministers challenged the prophet to a debate over divine healing, but the challenge fell to the prophet’s loyal old companion, Reverend F.F. Bosworth. The many skeptics were championed by one local Baptist minister – a vocal critic of divine healing. The information of the debate was leaked to the newspapers, which quickly published the headlines, “The theological fur will fly at 7 p.m. today in the Sam Houston Coliseum.”

The skeptic hired a professional photographer, Ted Kipperman of Douglas Studios, to document the debate with six glossy photos. That evening, the photos were taken with Brother Bosworth standing modestly as the skeptic posed in intimidating positions; one time with his finger thrust into the humble old man’s face.

When the debate began, Brother Bosworth quickly proved the certainty of divine healing with the Scriptural evidence and then, to leave no question, asked for all that had been healed of their infirmities to rise. Thousands rose to their feet. After those that were healed took their seats, he asked if all those healed by divine healing that were members in good standing of this man’s denomination would stand. Three hundred rose to proudly display the mercy that Lord Jesus had shown them.

The challenge then came from the skeptic. “Let that divine healer come forth. Let him perform.” Brother Bosworth made it clear that Jesus was the only divine healer, but the challenges would not stop. Finally, Brother Bosworth invited Brother Branham to the platform. He accepted the invitation and took the platform amid shouts of support.


The prophet, filled with the Holy Ghost, gave the following response:

Then I said, “But I can’t–can’t heal no one.” But I said, “This I do say. When I was a baby born up in the state of Kentucky, according to my own dear mother, and which has been vindicated through my life,” I said, “there was a Light came in the room of that little old huddle there, where it was at, no floor in it, didn’t even have a window, they just had a little old thing for a window there, like a little door, and they pushed it open about five o’clock in the morning, and this Light circled in just as it was breaking day.” I said, “Since that time, It’s been with me. It’s an Angel of God. He met me in person a few years ago. Down through my life, He told me things that’s happened, and I have told them just as He told me. And I challenge anybody at any place, to go to the city where I was raised, or anywhere else, that a statement has ever been made in the Name of the Lord, but what come just exactly the way it said it would.”

After he said those words, the Holy Spirit fell upon the platform, and the excited photographer snapped a picture. Brother Branham left the platform with the simple, yet prophetic statement: “God will testify. I shall say no more.”

Mr. Kipperman’s associate quickly went to work developing the photographs for the next morning’s news. He noticed something odd as he drew the first photograph from the developing solution. It, like the next five photographs, was blank. He grabbed his heart and fell forward when he pulled the last print from the solution. There, on that last photograph, was the Pillar of Fire in a visible form resting over the head of God’s prophet, William Marrion Branham.

The children of Israel witnessed the Pillar of Fire leading Moses, and the people of this modern day have witnessed that same Pillar of Fire leading another prophet.

The photograph was quickly copyrighted by Douglas Studios and turned over to George J. Lacy, Examiner of Questionable Documents for the U.S. F.B.I., who authenticated the picture with his expert opinion, “The light struck the lens of the camera. The supernatural being was there.” The following is the official document produced by Mr. Lacy:


Early in Brother Branham’s Ministry, it became clear that the denominational system was built to further religious organizations, and not the true Gospel. Brother Branham believed the Bible word for word, and would not compromise, even if it meant being ostracized from his colleagues, friends, or family.

While still a member of the Missionary Baptist Church, he was told to ordain women ministers. He knew the Scriptures well. I Timothy 2:12 plainly says, “But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence,” and I Corinthians 14:34 says, “Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak…” When the ultimatum was given, he could not compromise and left the church.

The Lord revealed the truth on baptism to Brother Branham. How could Jesus command, “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:” Yet every baptism recorded in the Bible was in the Name of Jesus Christ? The apostle Peter commanded in Acts 2:38 to repent and be baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ The Scriptures work in perfect unity, yet it took a prophet to reveal this secret.

Even the original sin in the Garden of Eden was revealed not as eating a fruit, but in disbelieving God’s Word. How could eating a piece of fruit immediately reveal to Adam and Eve that they were naked? It simply does not make sense. What does an apple have to do with nakedness? God’s prophet plainly revealed this secret.

Who were the angels spoken of in Revelation chapter 2 and 3? Their names may sound familiar. Who are the mysterious horse riders of Revelation chapter 6? They have one very important thing in common. Is the United States mentioned in the Book of Revelation? Who are the 144,000 that were saved in chapter 7? Who is the great whore of chapter 17? Her identity and all these secrets were revealed in the Message of this mighty prophet sent from God.

Not only did innumerable miracles follow this man of God, but the mysteries hidden in the Bible through the ages were also revealed in his Ministry. It became clear that this prophet fulfilled more Scriptures than Malachi 4.

Revelation 10:7: But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets.

A Voice is crying out to the world to get back to God’s original Word. Each of us has the same opportunity that Peter, James, and John had. We have the opportunity to be numbered with God’s select few who would not bow to the religious organizations of the day.

Trying To Do God A Service Without It Being God’s Will

Holy Scripture records the lives and deeds of these men who walked with God and were so anointed with His Spirit that they declared THUS SAITH THE LORD, and their words were confirmed by infallible signs and wonders. They were God’s prophets, and the Voice of God to their generation.

Are times different now than they were when Jesus was here? It was the religious leaders that crucified Jesus. The disciples were a tiny minority among a huge religious system. They were ostracized, mocked, and eventually killed for taking a stand against the mainstream denominational system. We may not be killed for our beliefs today, but we are surely persecuted. A simple test would be to ask any denominational pastor or priest about Brother Branham and his Ministry. You will hear that he had many miracles – they cannot deny that – but his teachings were off the mark. What did they say about Jesus?

God honored Brother Branham’s willingness to believe every word in the Bible, and He is using Brother Branham’s Ministry to save millions of souls throughout the world. Today, the Voice of the Seventh Angel is sounding out as loud as It ever has. Upwards of 1.5 million people worldwide believe Brother Branham’s Message. This may be a tiny minority of the two billion that claim Christianity, but when were God’s people not a minority?

We have 1,183 taped sermons containing the Voice that was prophesied to come in Revelation 10:7. Each of these sermons unlocks more mysteries of God. That Voice is available to you if you are willing to hear It.

The choice is yours.

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