Acts 20: 35“…It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

Our church believes in missionary work and has a vision of mission in order to help get this precious message to the last member of the bride of Jesus Christ.

We strongly believe that as of today, they are still thousands of souls around the world who never had the opportunity to realize that God had sent a prophet in this age with a message to prepare the bride for the rapture.

In addition, many people around the world, especially in remote areas of certain countries who have already received this precious message face many problems and difficulties.

These issues and difficulties are either financially, physically or logistically and do affect daily their spiritual life. We also do believe that these brothers and sisters deserve help. Not only spiritual help with prayers, books and tapes but financial and logistical assistance from all of us.  

Therefore, we cannot remain indifferent and let others do all the missionary works themselves. Many believers even think that you should have a lot of resources in order to do missionary work but we humbly don’t see it that way.   

Our vision is that every penny counts and every church, every Christian regardless of the size of their congregation and resources should have the burden for lost souls.

We do encourage each member of our congregation to invest in the missionary fund. We do have a special missionary fund to give each one them the opportunity to do so.

We are making sure that every penny given toward mission work is solely used for that purpose. Anyone who is led to join our little missionary efforts can contribute as well. This can be done by contacting us either by telephone, written correspondence or e-mails for instructions on how to direct the contribution.


Promote the work of missionaries especially evangelists and apostles who have the burden to run around with the message but are limited by resources. These days, we hear a lot about pastors but no longer about evangelists and apostles in the message because of resources limitation to enable them to carry on their duties;

  1. Support churches and ministers to preach Brother Branham’s message in their respective communities and around the world, regardless of their doctrines. We put a special emphasis on people in remote areas;
  2. Support ministers in remote areas with means of transportation to be able to minister the Word of God and to have access to spiritual food of the hour;
  3. Contributions to help reproduce Brother Branham’s message in form of books, tapes etc; for churches and organizations already doing such work;
  4. Contributions to help reproduce other literatures for the bride such as song books, tracts, pamphlets, magazines etc; for churches and other organizations already doing such work;
  5. Distributions of available materials both Brother Branham books and tapes and other literatures to hungry souls in our community;
  6. Contributions to churches in remote areas build churches and other needs;
  7. Contributions to help message believers any where with special needs especially in time of disaster and calamities such as earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, areas of wars etc.




  E-2    But I am so happy to be here. Brother Moore was just telling me that they had taken up an offering for missionary work, to be given over to me for missionary work. I thank--I thank you. May God bless you.

I--I just don't know how to say it. I--I... It's just something about missionary that I just--it just... I just love it. And I just know that what you're doing... You're doing God's will when you give to missions. That is right.

It's not fair that one person hear the Gospel twice, when somebody hasn't heard it once. See? Everybody should hear the Gospel at least once. And I--I want to do my part to try to take the Gospel to everybody that I know how, every place. And I...


  E-4    I don't know. He was in the meeting last night. He's a very personal friend of mine. I suppose maybe he's not in the afternoon meeting.

Now, back to the--the--the missionary offering. We are greatly appreciative of that. We know that when you're doing missionary work, you're doing exactly what the Lord said. Is that right? For He said, "Go ye into all the world, and preach the Gospel to every creature," and that's the general orders of Jesus Christ, and we know then that that's right. We can't go wrong when we're tak--doing missionary work.


  67    That's the reason the mission fields is on my heart. You have wonderful ministers here in Phoenix, and all around over the United States and places, churches on every corner, great men of God, healing services, great men like Oral Roberts and other great men preaching. And there's people over yonder, dying by the thousands every day, that never heard of the Name of Jesus. Poor little, dirty, hungry Negroes, way down yonder in Africa and over in India, little fellows laying on the street, dying, don't even know what "God" means. And then we argue about our little differences of religious belief. Oh, it's not just exactly right; I don't think, friends, if it's on your heart to see that.



  E-33    And we've just stayed in one huddle here and preached it till you're Gospel hardened, then the heathens out yonder, are dying. That's my vision. I must go to them. There's where God has blessed. 'Cause they're hungering; they're thirsting; they want to hear something.

That's why I'm so with Tommy Osborn. He's got the same vision: Get the Gospel out. We got to. God's going to hold us responsible for it. The journey is on.


  E-9    That's why we're here in America now, waiting for the hour that when we can cross the seas again, where we can go into those people. And the offerings and so forth that we get, all over the expenses, goes directly to that cause. Then when we get there at the judgment bar, you'll see that that's the truth. That everything that we have done with reverence, we've put it to the Kingdom of God, every cent that we can, and live as meager as we possibly can do, so that the Kingdom of God...

I do not believe that we ought to be building three or four million dollar churches and preaching, "Jesus is coming," and men on the field preaching the Gospel with no shoes on. It's not right. My brothers is on the field.

Other day under investigation, and the fellow said, "You buy your suits from Penney's and pay seventeen dollars?"

I said, "That's right."

Said, "Well, you can afford better suits than that."

I said, "Not when my brothers are eating two meals a week, no shoes on their feet, preaching the Gospel that I'm standing for. I can't afford any better than that."

That's exactly right. We have no right. No, sir. We have no right to blow millions for big buildings that's almost morgues anyhow. And millions are dying that don't even know Jesus Christ as Saviour, and crying and begging to receive It. And we put a big church up on this corner and proselyte this one on the other corner over here, make fun of them and tell them they're all wrong. Millions of such things are going on, and millions dying yearly that never heard the Name of Jesus one time. While we're fussing, they're dying over there without knowing Christ. And God's going to hold us responsible for it in that day.


  189      Friends, you people who walked down that aisle and put that offering in there a while ago; people that fed my children, put clothes on their back; the people that's put your money (that you hard earned) in an offering plate, know where that goes? That helps take me overseas to the heathens that never has heard anything about God. That's what I do with it, every penny, God's my judge. Here's some of my... the man's setting right here now that's in--in the treasury of my church. I get one hundred dollars a week, and that's all; rest of it goes to sponsor overseas meetings where they can't come.


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