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Believing in God’s Word and Spirit
We realize that this is a house of correction, a sanctuary, a place where we’re indicted, and our indictments are pleaded. Now, we pray, Father, that You’ll forgive us of every sin and every trespass that we’ve done. -WMB
The church is not exactly a church building, but a church is where the people have gathered at. And we are trusting to the Lord God that He will give us of His great manifold blessings. -WMB

A Place For You

a church, is where God stays.

Angels dwell among the churches. It’s a place that’s dedicated to service of God.

Faustin Lukumuena

Faustin Lukumuena


Brother Faustin Lukumuena started to preach the Message in 1987 as young minister in the Congo, Democratic Republic where he established two churches in different areas of the country, before moving to Burundi and finally to the United States of America where he is established since 1994. He is pastor of this church since 1997.


Together we stand, divided we fall. We must be united, and then we will stand.

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“Proclaiming the Good News

of God’s Sovereign Grace”

Our vision is that every penny counts and every church,

every Christian regardless of the size of their congregation

and resources should have the burden for lost souls.

Faustin Lukumuena