William Marrion Branham

And just remember, back him up in prayer; he’s the shepherd of the flock, and the shepherd is the feeder

Bro. Faustin Lukumuena


Was born in Congo, Democratic Republic on September 3rd, 1958. He is married to sister Anne Lukumuena since 1985. The couple had their first baby in 1994, after almost ten years of marriage. It was one of the couple’s tests of faith. Regardless of what medical doctors declared, criticisms and other forms of discouragements, the couple remained confident to the Lord God of Abraham who proved once again that He is the God of miracles. Currently the couple has five children – three girls and two boys: Julia, Sharon, Samuel, Hope and Joseph.

Brother Faustin Lukumuena started to preach the Message in 1987 as young minister in the Congo, Democratic Republic where he established two churches in different areas of the country, before moving to Burundi and finally to the United States of America where he is established since 1994.

Upon his arrival in America, he fellowshipped with few local message churches where he was preaching the Word of God. It was not his ambition to start a church but the experience he faced while fellowshipping with other churches became a burden for him. After prayers seeking God’s will for his future, the Lord put a burden on his heart to start a new church in Denver, Colorado.

It was not easy for him to start a church without adjusting his immigration status with the US Immigration and Naturalization Services, considering the challenge of the immigration laws and the Christian life to live without compromising with the truth. In addition to the government obstacle, he faced another opposition of other local ministers who could easily assist him with the immigration process.

However, he asked the Lord to provide for his immigration status regardless of the challenge and opposition as a sign to confirm His will to start a church in Denver. Again, in a very simple but miraculous way, the Lord provided by granting him a special residence visa offered only to religious workers. Therefore, he knew that it was time to start a new fellowship.

He started the church in his own apartment just with his own family in 1997. After a very slow beginning, the church moved from apartments to house and hotel room before finding the current facility. Once again, the current facility was acquired in a very miraculous way considering the financial requirements to obtain a commercial building. The current church building was dedicated to the Lord in June 2008.

Since then, he continues to serve the Lord keeping his promise in mind and remembering the goodness of the Lord Jesus for him. Brother Faustin requests for every reader of this page, to take a minute to murmur a prayer for him so that the Lord continues to assist him in his ministry.

May God bless you.