Hearty Christian greetings from those who remained in Chernigov! May Our Lord reward every brother and sister who carried us in the hands of prayer during this troubled, difficult, dangerous time! The Lord warmed and nourished us, and saved our lives and property. Special appreciation and blessings to Brother Joseph and his team for providing us with Agapao tablets with the Word of Life!!!! During the most terrible attacks, This Word was for us God in flesh, whose Hand we held. We just pressed the “play” button and the fear went away, comfort and healing came. The Word of the Lord was a Hiding Place for us! It brought into our hearts Peace, Tranquility, Hope. Glory and gratitude to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! God be with all of you till we meet! Shalom!

In the time of desperation seems to be when barriers of indifferences are broken. The war in Ukraine has caused believers from around the country to come together and help one another, regardless of what church they attend. It has been a blessing for us to see how outside pressures can bring such unity amongst Message believers.